16 May, 2011

No, it won't steal your soul, but it'll take a great picture

So yesterday I went shopping at garage sales and came across some good buys.  Among them was an Olympus C-5050 Zoom camera.  The one thing that probably caused the seller to get rid of it was the battery door wouldn't shut all the way due to a broken tab on the body of the camera.  There is a camera repair place within spitting distance to me (note to self: explore what else is within spitting distance or work, you never know.) I intend to visit them this week and see if they have the parts I need. Barring that I've found part of what I need on ebay, and I am confident I can repair this. 

It's been *mumble grumble* years since I had my high school photography class.  And while it was fun and I learned a lot, much of it I've forgotten.  If anyone has references or resources that they know about, please send them my way. This camera seems to bridge the gap between SLR and point and shoot cheapo digital cameras.  I'd like to learn how to get more out of this camera than my current skill allows. 

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Old NFO said...

Check the olympus site for tips/tricks. If I remember correctly, they had a quite extensive web page on it.