28 December, 2010


Why do firearm fetishists always conveniently forget the first part of the Second Amendment (“A well regulated Militia”)? Those intent on packing heat everywhere are not members of a militia and are clearly unwilling to be well regulated.

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First off, well regulated, when the Second Amendment was written, meant well disciplined. With few exceptions, gun owners are disciplined enough to not indiscriminately fire their weapons in an unsafe manner. Second, if enduring Brady background checks, seeking permission to conceal a weapon upon one's person, and having fingerprints taken when buying ammunition, is not regulation, I don't believe I can define it then. And we willingly endure those things to exercise a right. - TotC

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BillyBob said...

My permit to carry a weapon in the Constitution, yet I jumped through all the stupid hoops required to obtain my Concealed Carry permit. I went through everything a criminal goes through when getting booked into custody, fingerprints, palm prints, mugshots, background check AND I had to pay over $100 dollars. Our government trusted me when I was 18 years old to protect this Nation with a fully automatic M16 WITH a grenade launcher. Yet I have to endure being treated like a criminal to protect myself and my family. I resent being referred to as a fetishist. I arm myself because it is my duty to protect my family, and I will do so at all costs.