25 December, 2010

Christmas Dinner.... Alone

Yesterday, I finished up my Christmas holiday shopping and bought groceries for the next two weeks. (I hate going grocery shopping and plan out a two week menu.) Celebrating Christmas with my family will come next week, due to my nephew and his wife spending Christmas with her family this year.

I bought fixin's for a Christmas dinner, including ham and stuffing. I forgot a few things and the guy I live with went back out for the last of it. He wanted ham and all the trimmings so I obliged. I fixed it all and have in and out of the kitchen for the better part of the afternoon.

He hasn't come downstairs out of bed, once. He was supposed to clear off the kitchen table so we could eat a meal there. Fat chance of that happening. I fixed it, ate my fill of it, in front of this computer in my bedroom. Never. Ever. Again. I want to eat dinner at a regular table.

Never again.

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