15 December, 2010

Kinda like cousin Thing, if his bugger hook were on the bang switch

Out in Goodland KS, a momma didn't particularly care for the never do well choir boy, intent on dating Karen Vondemkamp's 16 year old daughter.  So she grabs her bolt action varmint gun and points it at said choir boy's tires, more than likely demanding that he let the daughter out of his car.  Somewhere in this whole incident, apparently, Ms. Vondemkamp's trigger finger decides to take matters into it's own errr... hands? knuckle joint? fingerprint?

"As I aimed at his tire ... I just decided not to go ahead and fire at the tire. I thought 'what if I missed' ... I thought this probably isn't the right thing to do, so I lowered the gun, and my finger still pulled on the trigger more out of frustration than anything."
Gee whiz, you think it's not the right thing to do.  I understand that he's become physically menacing with you prior.  However this time, he was not.  This time you decided to back up your anger with a firearm. 

Remember folks, you are responsible for the administration and function of your firearms.

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