23 December, 2010

A tarnished silver lining among the clouds

On the one hand, I am glad to read that freedom loving Chicagoans are purchasing handguns. That they have the McDonald decision to enumerate for them what is a natural right to self defense, I am thankful for. But stupid statements like this make my blood pressure start to rise.

Chicago residents remain under a handgun ban but Tropino says residents have visited his store to see what is available.

No, they DO NOT remain under a handgun ban. Oh, Dick Dailey would like that to be, but the fact remains that as long as you jump through all of their hoops, you can now legally own a handgun in Chicago.

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Sevesteen said...

I don't know that I would call that a stupid statement--Is the process simple enough that someone with a normal interest in a handgun is able to make it through all the hoops before giving up in frustration? I think it still qualifies as a defacto partial ban.