31 August, 2009

Blogroll additions

I've been remiss in not formally announcing these blogroll additions.

My newest addition is Gun Geek Rants. He walks where hoplophobes fear to tread. Guns and airplanes are two of my favorite subjects.

On the subject of zombies, the first is Zombaritaville. Popular songs with zombie related lyrics. It's a good chuckle. If you know anything about Zombies, they'll freeze in extreme cold. This poses a unique challenge for folks in the southern states. In Texas, KTZF should have a target rich environment.

New Jovian Thunderbolt
is another blogger you should check out. He's ready to defend against both mindless communist and zombie hordes. God help us if we have to defend against communist zombie hordes though.

Local to St. Louis is The Dana Show Dana has the coolest bumper music and is a major part of the St. Louis Tea Party.

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