28 August, 2009

To Be Honest With You.....

I really despise that phrase. My bullshit detector goes off full tilt boogy. The whole sirens blaring and lights flashing begins in my head.

What? You weren't being honest with me sometime in the past? How can I trust you now? What makes you think I can believe what you are saying is true at any given moment?

Frankly..... that's another one that sends my bs detector to red alert danger imminent levels.

The root frank is meant to imply open honesty. Being blunt and maybe sometimes too much information. Please, maybe I don't want to know that you've decided to go commando for the day. See, too much blunt information.

You know...... NO! I don't know. That is why we are having this conversation. To exchange ideas and thoughts in a verbal manner. I listen to a lot of talk radio and the callers are always going on, you know, you know, you know!! Laura Ingram is the only one that will call someone on it on a regular basis. You know what? Good for her! Sorry, just poking a little fun even at myself, because frankly and let me be honest with you, this is quite fun.

Well, it's off to re-install the 2m radio back in the car and prepare for tomorrow's activities.

1 comment:

Old NFO said...

Have 'fun' fighting the radio install... And yeah, words can be misused and really light somebody up!