24 August, 2009

Complete that Right Wing Militia look

You can buy an evil gas guzzling SUV and your EBR all in one place. The St. Louis Hummer Dealer is now part gun store. I knew that there was something afoot when the boss' husband came in and told me that they were putting in a firing range at this place. I figured a pro shop as well. Went in there after work this afternoon to check it out. As you walk in the front door, a four sided glass counter holds the pistolero offerings as well as those of a bladed variety. A nice selection of Glocks, Rugers, Taurus', Sigs, H&K's, and a smattering of other manufacturers. The Sigs seemed to be priced high, with only two models south of a four digit price tag. I don't know, maybe they didn't give the Sig rep a great deal on his H2. Two entire rooms dedicated to EBR's and shotguns respectively. The EBR prices seemed fair to high in a couple of cases. The shotguns were Brownings and Benellis. I don't know about shotgun pricing so I won'teven hazard a guess. A fair selection of ammunition as well, and priced competitively with other gun stores in the area. They won't touch the Walmart across the highway though. I say good luck to them and I'll pop in from time to time. There was that Barrett sitting there......

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