05 February, 2010

Shooting Range Bleg

I work fairly close to Adventure Shooting Sports, Guns & Hummers. They are in the process of applying for permission to set up a shooting range on their property. They had a petition to show support at their counter when I was in there this evening. Please if you live in the St. Louis Metropolitan area, go in and sign your name. If you know someone in the area, tell them about it and urge them to sign the petition. They do have the fact that the Chesterfield Police Department has their own private range, 500 yards down the road from the Lynch property going for them.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the link from your blog.

And for posting this. I don't live far from there, but rarely get over that way since I work up in the NW corner of town. But I'll make it a point to get over there and sign the petition...