11 February, 2010

And yet we should trust the 'Only Ones'

Police and other anti gunners, but I repeat myself, state that we should not carry the tools to defend ourselves. This video of a girl being brutally attacked while in front of at least three security guards shows that not even the only ones are gonna lift a finger for you.

Welcome to our future unless we stand up and say no more.


Jeff West said...

That is disgusting, they should be fired for that lack of caring.

Taupe of the Chain said...

The girl that was assaulted was 15 and therefore cannot own/carry a firearm.

Bob S. said...


15 year old girls carry firearms all the time. What she can't do is carry a firearm legally.

Isn't it amazing that a society that says at 15 a girl is old enough to have sex, have an abortion, raise a child....yet at 15 isn't mature enough to operate a firearm.