13 January, 2010

Let em eat cake

Perhaps those people who wish that only police and military should have guns wish to chafe under the sole of a tyrants boot. Or perhaps more appropriately, looking down the barrel of a tyrants gun.


Old NFO said...

Excellent point TOTC! But will they wake up in time???

Top of the Chain said...


Good question. My belief is that there are those that would rather feel the velvet sole than allow 1 person the natural right to self defense.

MaddMedic said...

I have some velvet sole for them! In a variety of calibers!!! America has become the country of gimme's, gimme this, gimme that.

Taupe of the Chain said...

Liberal politicians are not anti gun, they are anti your gun and my gun.

Anti gun politicians are allowed to have firearms as they are more qualified to make decisions besides us sheep. This is the BS they feed the American public and too many idiots are believing it.