25 January, 2010

24 January Range Report

I have been trying to get Taupe of the Chain to get out to the range and send some copper coated lead downrange. Alas, he had other things to consider so I braved the cold to do my part to make Sarah Brady cry. FINALLY he agreed to go to the range yesterday with me. He picked up a Ruger LCP earlier in the week. I knew he was jonesin' to go shoot it.

We left the target at seven yards to get a feel of the gun. Shooting such a lightweight gun was quite snappy and he was putting holes in the paper. I shot through two magazines and was having to readjust my grip after every shot. It is not a gun that is a pleasure to shoot. The sights are extremely low profile and this made target acquisition a challenge.

For whatever reason we decided to move the target stand out to 25 yards. All I can say is, we hit something. That something being the dirt berm behind the target. Oh, there were holes in the paper, but frankly we couldn't tell whose were whose. Deciding that 25 yards was asking a bit much of a 2" plus barrel, it was wisely undertaken to move the target stand back to 15 yards.

I asked Taupe later on about his gun and he said,

It cleans up as any semi auto with a free floating barrel. The takedown pin is kind of a PITA to remove. I wish Ruger would have used a tooless design, but space constraint was probably the #1 priority.

So there you go.

Update: Taupe of the Chain sent me this:

I just recently purchased a Ruger LCP and went to the range. I would like to report on how I did.

The little pistol certainly has some recoil, darn near what my P11 had. Needless to say the LCP is not the most comfortable pistol to shoot, but with its light weight and small profile I figured it was not going to be a fun range pistol.

I primarily bought the pistol for self defense purposes so I am not interested in supreme accuracy.

Herters 380ACP 95gr FMJ brass case berdan primed
MFS 9mm Browning Short(380ACP) 95gr FMJ brass case boxer primed

A friend of mine and I went out to the local shooting range where it was 41F with a decent breeze.

I started out with a 7 yard target and was able to keep all my shots in the 8" target area even scoring a couple of bullseyes.

We then moved the target stand out to 25 yards just for grins. Out of 2 mags I was able to put 6 shots on paper. 25 yards is probably pretty far outside the range of this little guy.

We then tried 15 yards and I was able to put half of my shots on the paper.

I went through 2 boxes of ammo. I know the ammo is cheap stuff (since when did $17 a box of 50 become cheap?), but I only had one failure in 100 shots. YMMV, but Rugers have served me well.

I was able to score a box of 20 Magtech JHP 77gr First Defense ammo for $20 at the local gun show for defense purposes.


I was also able to score this little pocket holster for $10 at the show as well.


All in all I was pretty impressed with the little pistol. I will need to train with it to get better accuracy, but out to 10 yards I can hit my target fairly well.

For $300 plus $20 FFL transfer I think the LCP is one heck of a value. I recommend the little pistol for anyone wanting a CCW or BUG.


Old NFO said...

Range time is good :-) And the occasional move out to longer range is humbling...LOL

Top of the Chain said...


It really was. I 'tried' my P-07 at 25 yards and just like JayG, was hitting minutes of berm.

Jay G said...

I've more or less resigned myself to the idea that the 25 yard line is for the S&W Model 17 and a couple other models... :)

Top of the Chain said...

I suppose if I wanna put lead down range I could get really good at that range.