02 January, 2010

Jews in the Attic and MAIG's Blueprint for Gun Control

Recently Calgunlaws.com made a freedom of information act request for MAIG's Blueprint for Federal Action on Illegal Guns. Make no mistake, MAIG has some very smart people who realize that their agenda will not be able to be implemented through passing new laws. Instead, they intend to make an end run around gun rights by using regulatory and administrative devices. This bypasses any congressional check. Many of these reccomendation do not pass Joe Huffman's Jews in the Attic test.

Government mandated ID cards and the authority to demand them at any time. The oppressed class will be unable to masquerade as a member of the neutral or oppressor classes.

The first one of these is requiring REAL ID in order to purchase a firearm. Of course, here in Missouri we've even passed a law that that gives a big middle finger to the whole .gov REAL ID thing. It's another matter entirely but Governor Jay Nixon has yet to sign it into law. Back to my point though is that our federal government is demanding 'PAPERS, PLEASE!' and you will be marked and singled out if you do not comply. All is in order indeed.

Searches without probable cause.
Imagine you are attempting to smuggle your "Jews in the attic" to a safer hiding place. If the police at the roadblock can search all vehicles then you and your precious cargo are headed to the "work camps".

MAIG would have the ATF implement the Richmond Model In this case, the ATF and local law enforcement confiscated people's newly purchased firearms and issued letters threatening federal arrest warrants be issued if they did not comply with ATF's 'request' The Richmond model stepped WAY over the line as to probable cause.

Firearm or firearm owner registration.
The registration information can be used to confiscate the firearms used to protect innocent life -- as it was under the 1938 Weapons Control Act in Nazi Germany.

The report wants FFL to comply with a whole host of intrusive, duplicative record keeping. With records being kept up to twenty years.

Elimination or severe restriction of anonymous financial transactions. The purchase of food and other supplies for your "Jews in the attic" would show up in the records as being excessive compared to what your needs were. Just as power consumption records are used today to catch home marijuana growers.

MAIG wishes to ban the importation of 'non sporting' firearms and all military surplus ammunition. This is akin to buying 'food' for your tool. In this case, ammo. Don't think they don't wish to limit how many rounds you buy as well? Keep dreamin'

I just checked out MAIG's website and they are claiming that 68% of NRA members are supportive of background checks at gun shows. I believe they are twisting that statistic. I can see NRA members being ok with NCIS background checks and 4473's. I seriously doubt that NRA members are ok with private person to person, face to face transactions being subject to the cost, inconvenience and hassle of an NCIS background check.

MAIG is quickly becoming the 800 lb gun control gorilla. Let's do everything in our power to make them as extinct as the dodo bird.

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