26 January, 2010

Para GI Expert in Stainless Steel

Para has announced they'll be producing the GI Expert in Stainless Steel. Buddy Taupe of the Chain prefers Stainless Steel and two tone guns. He seems indifferent to 1911 pistols, and claims that SS ones are pricey. With an MSRP of $699.00 this one will retail for less. My lust has just been upgraded.

(h/t to Uncle)

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Taupe of the Chain said...


I am indifferent to 1911 pistols. I don't think that just SS 1911s are pricey I think MOST 1911s are pricey. The only 1911s that are priced decent are el-cheapo POS foreign ones. Wilson Combat and Kimber can cram their overpriced 1911s up their a$$.

Look at what they offer, 7 rounds in the mag, near 100 year old action, heavy frame, and large price tag.

I think 1911s are kind of cool, but not the shizzle that many think.

If someone whats to spend that kind of $$$$ on a pistol like that then more power to you.