16 January, 2010

OnStar and it's potential for abuse

Stingray of the Atomic Nerds as only he can has posted on the evils of potential abuse of one of it's capabilities. The post is here Warning: The post is heavy with profanity and Stingray will warn you again before you're being allowed to read the rest.

Should I decide to buy a GM car ever again, Onstar will be disabled or deleted if it comes on the car.

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Taupe of the Chain said...

I think someone has been reading too many government conspiracy web sites.

I see you are also basing your idea on a profanity ridden write up by the "Atomic Nerds". Well, I guess they are the end all be all of info.

If you choose not to be a purchaser of a vehicle with OnStar, cool. To make this decision blindly off that profane dribble is ridiculous.