03 January, 2010

Blogroll additions

So I'm checking my Top of the Chain e-mail account and I do check the spam box for errant 'real' mail that gets misdirected from time to time. The sender had a .org email address and I googled the .org to find out where it came from. It was legit so I went ahead and opened up the e-mail. It was a very nice note from Hell On Earth.

HOE likes his guns, purdy womenfolk and 69-72 Chevy trucks. A winner in my book. Oh yeah, he's formerly one of Uncle Sam's Misguided Children. What is it with Marines & me. I know or are acquainted with a disproportionately high number of them. Just kidding Welcome to the TotC blogroll.

Next up is Just Another Missouri Rebel. He's a fellow co-conspirator at the GBC. He lives close to this. I help organize the event and look forward to meeting him in person fairly soon.

As always, my blog policy is that if you don't see your blog in my blogroll, please let me know. I do reciprocate. I enjoy feedback, so let me know you're out there and what you think.

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