10 January, 2010

Oh look, another vampire movie

Tonight instead of going to see Dances with Pocahontas Smurfs I went with my buddy and his dad to see that other sympathetic vampire movie, Daybreakers.

It seems that Ethan Hawke plays Vlad Tepid cause he has no heart beat but recoils at the thought of drinking human blood.

Much gore and plot holes ensue. The sympathetic human female enlists Hawkes character to help with a cure for Vampirism. Willam Dafoe plays the grizzled 'cure' Obligatory chase scene, more gore and blood. Did I mention, LOTS. OF. BLOOD. Plot holes big enough to drive a M1 Abrams through.
Oh and classic wasting of vampires, stakes through the heart and exposure to sunlight cause the Vamps to BBQ.

Since this is my first movie review, I'm gonna go with a five link system. Five links of chain is a glowing review, 1 link is crap. I'll give Daybreakers 1 1/2 links of the Top's Chain.

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Taupe of the Chain said...

I actually enjoyed the movie. It took a Vampire movie and gave it a new twist.