12 January, 2010

Buying American

Being new (again) to gun ownership I have to rebuild my collection. I currently own 2 pistols, a shotgun and a rifle. I am lusting after a Para Ordnance GI Expert, as I want a 1911 pistol. I received recently an e-mail from a reader who knows of my want and stated that even though the company is Para Ordnance USA, they are in fact a Canadian firm. He is of the belief that in the future he'll only purchase new guns that are manufactured in America. He has stated that his purchase of a Taurus Raging Bull was a mistake and should have purchased a Ruger. His current want is an AK-74. Now he couldgo and find a private seller and do a face to face transaction. What if he instead buys the gun through a dealer? My question is thus, if you are going to purchase imported used firearms, how is that any different than purchasing new imported firearms?


Tam said...

"I received recently an e-mail from a reader who knows of my want and stated that even though the company is Para Ordnance USA, they are in fact a Canadian firm."

Your reader is wrong.

ParaOrd was a Canadian company, but they have since relocated to the USA, lock, stock, and factory.

The company was founded by Ted Szabos and Thanos Polyzos. Ted has since passed away and Thanos relocated to Florida and the company headquarters and factory to Charlotte, NC, which is not in Canada. ;)

I've got Thanos's business card right here on my desk from when I met him at Blackwater in Summer of '08.

MaddMedic said...

Well some are a bit quicker this morning then I as Tam's comment covers what I was going to say....more coffee I guess....

Taupe of the Chain said...

I kind of figured that you would either blog or Facebook about this. I gather this is your release.

Too many folks complain about the economy but yet go out and buy Hondas, Toyotas, Nissans, BMWs, etc. If more people in this country made a conscious decision to buy American the economy might not be in as big a mess.

People say we live in a global economy and buying foreign goods is all part of it. Well it has not worked. Countries that depend on the US for a good part of their revenue do not let US based companies sell their goods in their country. Sound kind of two faced? I buy American when I have the choice.

We let the foreigners take our textiles, electronics, and now auto manufacturing may go. If we do nothing, firearms will all be made overseas.

To me the 2nd Amendment is about being American and preserving America. I guess nothing says America like a European/Asian firearm.

While I have purchased foreign firearms there was not an American equivalent made. There are no American Mosins, SKSs, AKs. There are American 1911s, semi auto pistols, hunting rifles, shotguns, etc.

If indeed Para-Ordnance is an American company then OK.

So people buy American whenever you can.

Old NFO said...

Since I don't own any Mosins, SKS, or AKs and I don't plan on owning any, it's not an issue for me... I tend to buy american, since all but two are either Colts and those two one is a High Power, the other a Glock. All my rifles are US made too :-)

Nick said...

I'm not so sure the auto industry is the best comparison you could make. For example, I can buy a Honda or a Toyota built here in the USA while I can also buy a Ford built in Mexico.

Which is the domestic and which is the import?