20 January, 2010

Austin Texas Gun Show

Recently the Austin TX PD and the BATF have contacted the organizer of the Texas Gun Shows, Darwin Boedeker. They informed him that they would like to see all non FFL holders be denied the selling of firearms without going through an FFL. There is no law against private sales at gun shows in the state of Texas. Instead, the ATF and Austin PD 'suggested' that if Mr Boedeker didn't acquiese to their suggest, they would investigate him for past supposed infractions that his business was involved in. There is just one problem with that. Mr. Boedeker is not the same proprietor as past shows. When he pointed this out to the Austin PD, they applied pressure to the landlord of where the show takes place. There is no statutory authority for the Austin PD to demand this. The police are not resposible for your safety. Yet, responsible business owners are coerced and intimidated into these thuggish demands. I would urge my readers to be peaceably armed citizens and not abide by the coercion of overzealous law enforcement officials. Mr. Boedeker is down two major vendors for his next show. Please, if you're in Texas, support this show.

1 comment:

Taupe of the Chain said...

Sounds like extortion to me. I thought that was illegal.

I imagine that there were some folks that did FTF transactions.