19 January, 2010

Haiti, still a craphole

It is disheartening to see so many people pushed beyond civilized behavior. The thought of people trapped alive under debris for days on end is a nightmare as well. That being said, over half of Haiti's budget comes from foreign aid. As to that, where has that money gone to? Surely there were supplies prepositioned to aid in such a disaster? Nope not a drop. Surely, trained local emergency responders were first on the scene. Nuh uh, nope, nada, none. There are none. Haiti is a cesspool of corruption with no accountability. And the best part of all of this, the local UN office was buried in the quake. Whos' gonna rape help the locals now?


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Taupe of the Chain said...

I akin this disaster to Katrina. They are similar.

The Federal government gave the state of Louisiana over many years a great deal of money to make sure the sea wall was maintained. How much of the money made it to sea wall maintenance? You can guess correctly.

When Katrina hit all of the sudden the Federal government and evil ole George W. Bush was to blame, not the corrupt Louisiana government.

Fast forward to the disaster in Haiti. The Haitian government has received lots of money from other countries with near zero of their money going to any type of infrastructure. It must be George W. Bush's fault again.

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Excellent point