29 January, 2010

Jim Rome is an Ass

But I repeat myself. I despise sports reporters. Hate em' with a burning passion. I could give a rat's ass less about how (insert athlete here) took a crap and it came out blue with white stripes. Jim Rome is one of THE worst of these parasites. They're journalists who report on games, not even covering really important issues. Sure we need entertainment, and professional sports can be a fun pastime. Here's the parasite commenting on how Brock Lesnar is ill qualified to speak on government run healthcare.

Frank Caliendo does THE best Jim Rome impersonation. Rome takes himself so seriously, I understand he HATES it. That alone makes me a Caliendo fan. Here's the video.

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Taupe of the Chain said...

Jim Rome is an ass. Agreed.

What sited your ire for him?