08 January, 2010

Awwww isn't the anti cute? Trying to make a point

I know enough not to feed internet trolls. But I can't help myself. Mo Rage, has provided me with some good chuckles.

He blogged about the recent shooting here in the St. Louis area. He called me out as being for the right to own an 'assault weapon' Yes I am for that right. However, this reply to commenter Sevesteen is too funny not to bring to the light of day.

I think it's only important to ban the 38 special, which kills, it's estimated 10,000 Americans each year and is almost solely designed for this purpose (holdups, to use a term), assault weapons, as I mentioned earlier, and hollow point, armor-piercing bullets, at the request of the police departments, nationwide, for their protection and safety.

Pretty radical, huh?

Yes, I think the 2nd Amendment puts some restrictions on the government, as other parts of our Constitution does, sure. I don't think it's relevant to most people's everyday lives but sure, yes.

My view of the world isn't shaped, like some cheap network TV show, by guns, day in and day out. I tire of the whole outlook. It's silly. It's absurd. It's not how most of us live, even here, in the US, where we have this ignorant, too-violent "cowboy culture".

So he wishes to ban the .38 special because it is solely designed for holding up various people. And it kills an estimated 10,000 people per year. So .38 special bad, .357 magnum, ok? I can imagine the Winchester .38 Special Ad, The Stick Up Round. Good for liquor stores, convenience stores and muggings. Not recommended for bank heists. Also, 'assault weapons,' not to put too fine a point on it, but I drive an 'assault' station wagon. It's ton plus of weight would work just fine in running someone over. And hollow point armor piercing bullets as well are mentioned. In all but the lightest weight body armor would a hollow point bullet be stopped. The Cop Killer bullet of Lethal Weapon fame is a myth.

My view of the world isn't shaped like some cheap network TV show either. it's shaped by knowing that someone, somewhere out there doesn't value my life as much as me. When I meet that person, I intend to give a good accounting of myself. I pray to live a long, relatively stress free life, but you never know.


Sevesteen said...

I don't think he's a troll--He doesn't bother people for the sake of drama, and genuinely believes in what he's writing. I can understand the "not an expert, but those guns scare me"--I think that we should educate where possible in these cases.

I'll try for a bit, we'll see who gets sick of this first.

BillyBob said...

I think we should ban baseball bats, tire irons and kitchen knives. Thousands of people a year are killed by those items also.

Maybe we should do away with electricity. It is responsible for hundreds of deaths a year, but most are self inflicted.

Maybe we should go back to horse and buggy transportation since thousands of people a year die in car crashes.

If our government would enforce the many, many gun laws currently on the books, our world would be a different place. Adding new, more restrictive laws is not the answer. Banning guns is not the answer. Enforcement of existing laws, common sense and TRAINING is what we need.

Nick said...

Don't forget about cars. Those need to be banned more than anything else. After all, how many people are killed in car accidents?