06 May, 2010

Re-defining the bigotry gap (alternate title: The tyranny loophole)

The dis-honorable Furious Mike Bloomberg went to Washington D.C. to testify before the Senate committee for Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. He took his Jack Booted Thug police commissioner Raymond Kelly along to say ZOMG!! Guns are bad we need to stop Cub Scouts from owning teh guns!

That's right, the arbitrary No Fly list that the A Security Theater folks can't even get right. By allowing a terror suspect to hop on that big ol' jet airliner, they want to, without due process ban you from buying a gun if your name matches someone on the list.

The following is the closing quote from Bloomberg's testimony:

Let me close by saying: this is not about the Second Amendment. Our founding fathers did not write the
Second Amendment to empower people who wanted to terrorize a free state; they wrote it to protect people who
could defend “the security of a free state.” Today, the security of our free state is being tested by terrorists.

Umm, yeah, your testimony is about the Second Amendment and violating it, "The right of the people to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. But that's okay there mayor, go right ahead and keep pushing for you're tyrannical little dictatorship. Honest Americans who understand what that sacred document says are not going to let you get away with your dishonesty for long.


I urge you to take common sense steps to strengthen law enforcement – including closing the terror gap
– and to protect the American people from more attacks.

Terror gap, hmmm, gaps are like loopholes, and everyone knows how much Bloomberg and his group MAIG would like to see the non existent 'gun show loophole' closed. This sounds to me like he's changed the name to 'terror gap' to throw people off of the 'gun show loophole' theme he promotes. Perhaps he did it to fit the testimony before this committee.

Personally I want Bloomberg out there running around like Chicken Little screaming "The teabaggers terrorists have guns!" It makes it that much easier to counter his argument with sane logical thinking.

The full testimony given at the hearing can be found here.

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