20 May, 2014

The NSA hates the competition

Does everyone remember Edward Snowden's revelations that the NSA was sucking up all of our meta data?  

In Glen Greenwald's new book that delves deeper into this subject, he asserts that by the NSA collecting nearly every electronic aspect of our lives, that it would make it far easier for criminals to do similiar things.  

Now it comes to light that in a coordinated sweep, criminal hackers using the Blackshades software suite to infect computers are being arrested around the globe.

“The RAT is inexpensive and simple to use, but its capabilities are sophisticated and its invasiveness breathtaking,” Bharara said. “For just $40, the BlackShades RAT enabled anyone anywhere in the world to instantly become a dangerous cybercriminal, able to steal your property and invade your privacy.”

Only the NSA wants this capability, in cooperation with it's Five Eyes partners.  The government hates competition.  

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