17 April, 2012

CRKT Eat'n Tool - Long Term review

One of the nifty things I picked up this weekend at the NRA Annual Meetings & Convention was CRKT's Eat'N Tool.  It is a fork and spoon, or spork, as well as a bottle opener, screw driver. It also has three metric wrench sizes for emergency repairs. 

While I carry a knife and multi tool for various tasks, I usually rely on silver or plastic ware to convey food to my mouth.  But, what if one had to rely on this piece?  Your fingers can only take you so far.  To that end, I am going to eat exclusively with my Eat'N Tool for four days, beginning today and going through Friday. I will be using a pocket knife to cut with, but for spooning and stabbing sustenance, the Eat'N Tool will be my utensil of choice.  Yes, dear readers, I am going to brave spills and dropped food to feed my not insubstantial self.   

Good thing my clothes don't require dry cleaning, this could get messy. 

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