06 July, 2011

Let me count thy cliches

It's time for a little fisking here at Top of the Chain. What appears is an ill written, even less thought out diatribe on everything evil about guns. Oh wait, that's the one thing the article failed to mention, and that is that guns are evil. They emit mind control rays that cause people to go on murderous rampages. Good thing though, as myself, I only buy defective guns, that don't have operating mind control rays.

During that national tragedy was when a clearer, more focused debate over stricter gun laws needed and should have taken place but since Giffords has recovered, left rehab, let’s have the debate now.

I believe what the author is trying to convey is, let us dance in the blood of those affected and enact infringements upon peaceably armed citizens rights to bear arms.

For all the gun enthusiasts who get the Second Amendment wrong by ignoring “a well regulated militia…” portion of the amendment thinking that all Americans have the right to bear arms and that anyone can get a gun without a waiting period or a back ground check or who can just buy a clip that was intended for hunting, maybe hunting people, which is what Congresswoman Giffords’s assailant was aiming for.

Now that is a run on sentence. Were I the author, I'd slap my English teacher for failing to convey a proper sentence structure. But I digress. I truly love when anti's pull up the 'well regulated militia' Sorry there skippy, but way back in 1791, 'well regulated meant well functioning. And a militia at the time consisted of abled bodied men between certain ages. Sorry there Bobby W., that argument doesn't hold water. And clips for hunting? Well, I suppose someone could go hunting with their M1 Garand. And the en bloc clip could be thrown at your prey. Personally, I'd rather pull the trigger and shoot the animal. It's much more efficient that way. Oh, and Jared Loughner, went through a background check, filled out a 4473 and everything.

For the most part, the Obama administration has been silent on the issue of gun control and the Supreme Court has consistently voted for individual rights to own a gun over stronger gun control laws.

And they'd do well to keep their mouths shut. See the Fast & Furious aka Gunwalker scandal. It truly is a shame that innocent people have died due to uncaring bureaucrats.

Obsessed and trigger happy gun enthusiasts like Sara Palin hold onto the notion that owning a gun is the best defense. During the Cold War, the policy between the United States and the Russians was termed Mutually Assured Destruction where each country matched the other weapon for weapon. The acronym MAD fits perfect with the argument and applies to the gun lobby and the NRA.

As far as Sarah Palin holding onto that notion that a gun is the best defense. There's a piece of wisdom that says never bring a knife to a gun fight. The MAD analogy, I am not quite certain and the logic escapes me? Is it that I should match gun for gun every criminal out there? Or the criminal should match me? hmmm.

These gun nuts believe Jesus was packing before he blew away the Gays and Democrats, ascending to the “right” hand of the father giving us the Ten Commandments, the Constitution and anointing Ronald Reagan and George Bush as Arch Angels of truth, justice, the bullet and the ballot.

I was always taught that God said to hate the sin, but love the sinner. However, go ask the Pink Pistols how they feel about their Second Amendment rights. Oh and not being a biblical scholar, but the Ten Commandments were handed down by God, not Jesus in the Old Testament. Jesus is the new testament. The rest of the sentence doesn't bear commenting on.

Ridiculous, but seriously for the gun enthusiasts, the framers of the Constitution never intended that Americans arm themselves to the teeth. In fact, any group that hides behind the barrel of a gun and the skirts of the Bible must have a deep sense of inadequacy. A gun after all is a powerful phallic symbol.

No, but they never placed a hard figure as to what a person might own for self defense either. Oh, and I know Pagans, atheists and animalists that all believe in the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. And what about women who keep and bear arms, are they compensating for what? A lack of a penis?

llic symbol.

Hand guns, assault weapons, AK-47s easily attainable are a Constitutional right some might argue along with Freedom of Speech and the right to Assembly.

No argument, recently SCOTUS affirmed in Heller V D.C and McDonald v Chicago that the individual has a right to keep and bear arms. Oh,and the Second Amendment has been in the Bill Of Rights for like 200 plus years.

Vehemently up holding the right to bear arms, without thought, rhyme or reason kills Democracy every time someone steps up to defend this particular right.

Oh, I totally agree, Democracy should be stamped out wherever it rears it's ugly head. Mob rule is never pretty and always ends in bloodshed. The United States is a Republic.

Is there any more cliches that this particular author failed to include? All of the same old rhetoric they spew without thinking a wit about the logic involved. I guess that is what makes it so easy to beat them. I think I'll grab a beer.

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