24 August, 2010

Hey there red man, you can't trust the white devil

Mayor Connivin' yellow coward Bloomberg is in hot water over a comment he made in regards to cigarette taxes that the Seneca nation is refusing to pay.  Bloomberg said last week on a radio show,
"that New York Governor Paterson needs to grab a "cowboy hat and a shotgun" and demand the money himself."

The Seneca tribe called for Bloomberg to apologize, which Bloomberg refused to do. The Seneca tribe is considering pursuing a hate crime accusation against him.

Of course, Bloomberg believes that the state should have a monopoly on power. I guess Bloomberg would have NY Governor Patterson hire it done to collect the tax. It's surprising because Bloomberg seems to think that enforcing select federal laws is just fine and dandy.


Old NFO said...

Just #$^& lovely... that man is an ass... plain and simple...

TotC said...

Yes Sir,

typical leftist