11 June, 2009

BO, our LIC

Obama: Yes we can!

Masses: Yes we can

Obama: We're gonna redistribute the wealth

Masses: Redistribute the wealth

Obama: We're gonna tax the rich

Masses: Tax the rich

Obama: We're gonna save a gabillion jobs

Masses: Gabillion jobs

Obama: We're gonna cap & trade carbon emissions

Masses: Cap & Trade

Newsweek editor in a hushed reverent tone "Wow, he really is a god."

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Home on the Range said...

When "cap and trade" hits my coal burning state my home utility bills are going to go up 30% or more. Guess where that money is coming from? What I spend on restaurants and local businesses for things I could do myself but treat myself to a little help with. When all the jobs leave from all of us spending less on such things due to the increased cost of everything, where will the accolades be then?