01 March, 2010

McDonald v Chicago

Tomorrow, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in McDonnald v Chicago. The case will decide if Chicago's (and other cities and states) handgun bans are constitutional or not. Dennis Hanigan stated this.

Henigan says the case is Gura's to lose based on the premise that the same five judges who were part of the Heller majority will join together and carry the day in this case.

The case is Gura's to lose. The anti's know they are in the wrong, know they are going to lose and there's not a damn thing they can do about it.


Old NFO said...

And I would love to be there to see history made, but no... I'm on the @^&( road again... sigh...

Taupe of the Chain said...

It is not going to matter. If Chicago loses (they almost certainly will) then they will go about keeping handguns out of Chicago a different way.

My opinion
1. 30 day waiting period.
2. $500 non-refundable license fee.
3. Extensive background check.
4. Need to have documentation.
5. Any other hoops of fire that are needed to jump through.

Everybody see where I am going? The 2A folks will consider this a victory, but I won't until EVERY law abiding US citizen has unrestricted 2A rights. He/she should be able to own/use/conceal a firearm whenever they wish. I look forward to that day.

Nick said...

Chicago will probably just make their process like Washington DC's, post Heller. I just read the procedure for buying and registering a handgun there the other day.

Get a load of this crap: How to buy and register a handgun in Washington, DC

Top of the Chain said...


We have darn near 100 years of gun control to try and reverse. Yes, I want it to be so that I can buy a FULLY AUTOMATIC ZOMG! IT'S BLACK EVIL ASSAULT RIFLE without having to go through some BS procedures. Gura's a young guy that really believes in this. it is going to take small steps to win back what is already our right.