03 March, 2010

New tool for communication from the Top of the Chain bunker

Two Fridays ago, after I was done eating my dinner ( Hot Wings and Fries from Wing Stop, YUM!) I walked into the Sprint store in the same plaza that the restaurant was in. A very nice young lady by the name of Kimberlyn greeted me and inquired how she could be of service.

I informed Kimberlyn that my old phone was in need of replacement. She took one look at my account and said I was eligible for an upgrade. I looked at Blackberrys and regular flip phones. I kept going back to the Samsung Moment. The Moment is one of two of Sprints's offerings of Droid phones.

I settled on the Samsung and started the activation process. After a couple of false starts, Kimberlyn finally got the phone activated.

ZOMG!! I can't believe how I ever got along without it. The phone does everything but wipe the egg off of your face. Hell, there is probably an app for that.

1 comment:

Taupe of the Chain said...

For someone that said:

"I will NEVER have a camera phone, ever"

You need to turn it back in as you don't want to become a junior photo journalist.

Your phone change was like going from blunt club to a tricorder.