11 March, 2010

The two things government does really well

Overreact and do nothing. In this case, they've managed to do both at the same time.

Since Mr. Semtex-aroos tried to blow up a Detroit bound airliner during the holidays, the government has nearly doubled the list of names on the no fly list. A list that is non published as to who is on it. Nor is the criteria for being on that list published either. My name could be Imma Gonnablowyouup and if someone else is named that as well who is a suspect, I am automatically added to that list. That's the overreaction part, right there.

The do nothing part, the government won't publish how to remove innocent people from this list. No procedure exists to scrub a name from the list. Yet, people tell us that the Patriot Act is such a wonderful thing. No thank you. At the expense of being freer, I'll give up some security.

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