27 March, 2010

Ya know, it's good to know I have such a friend

Editor's Note: this is not word for word, but a general feel of my conversation last night at the bar. Good thing there's a gun show today for me to regain my man cred.

Taupe of the Chain: Aw, that's cute

Me: What?

Taupe of the Chain: You're phone case, it's cute

Me: It's not cute

Taupe of the Chain: Yes, it's cute

Me: You can call it nice, awesome, neat, don't call it cute.

Taupe of the Chain: It's cute

Me: Hand over your man card, now

Taupe of the Chain: You've had your man card revoked

Me: Why

Taupe of the Chain: Saying you feel icky

Me; If I can't describe my physical condition by saying icky, you can't call my phone case cute

.....and it went on


Old NFO said...

Um... TMI? or do you need a timeout? :-)

Top Of The Chayne said...

What a bunch of homos.