24 March, 2010


Magicians use sleight of hand to misdirect their audience into looking the other way when performing. Leftists, statists and collectivists use misdirection by calling ordinary folks teabaggers, racists, and homophobes all the while hiding behind their publicity machine.

Bill Hennessy of the St. Louis Tea Party has a piece up on his blog about how we need to stop and look at what that other hand is doing. We need to call them out and say no more, this is my line in the sand concrete. Personally I have embraced the term 'teabagger' and use the phrase 'rubbing the balls of freedom in the face of tyranny.' So, please don't apologize or roll over and show your belly like a subservient dog. Stand up and defend yourselves, your friends and your fellow Tea Party members.

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BillyBob said...

liberals are masters of misdirection. They make David Copperfield look like a rank amateur. Bill is 100% correct, we need to watch the other hand, and also keep our eyes out for smoke and mirrors.