25 March, 2010

Unexpected Surprises

Last Thursday I received one of those e-mails from UPS that a package was headed my way from SI Defense. Now, back in December Say Uncle put a post up that SI Defense had AR-15 lowers going for $50.00 each. I jumped at the chance to start a build on an EBR. I received the lower through my local FFL and thought I was done with SI Defense for the time being. With that e-mail last Thursday, I was informed that another package was headed my way. I came home to find this.


Thank you very much SI Defense. This is most appreciated and unexpected pleasant surprise. Should you find the need to send anything else my way, I of course would be happy to oblige in receiving it. Of course, now I have to rethink my whole AR build, but oh, what a problem to have.

(FTC disclaimer: whatever transpires between myself and SI Defense is none of your business.)

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