07 September, 2010

Are you an SAF member?

With a lame duck Congress a near certainty, gun owners need to be vigilant to legislation that would infringe upon our rights. The temptation to pass anti gun legislation for those with nothing left to lose will be great.

The organization that leads the fight against those infringements is the Second Amendment Foundation. They, along with Civil Rights attorney Alan Gura have been kicking ass and chewing bubble gum. And they are all out of bubble gum.

Contrary to what other national organizations would have you believe, it was the SAF and Alan Gura that led the charge in McDonald v Chicago. It is the SAF that has filed for strict scrutiny in Nordyke en banc. It is the SAF that has filed suit against North Carolina in regards to disarming peaceably armed citizens during declared states of emergency. It is the SAF in concert with many fine state gun rights organizations that are challenging in court, the constitutionality of many gun laws.

Joining is easy, just go the Second Amendment Foundation's online registration page.

There you can make a donation in addition to joining an organization quietly fighting the good fight.

I'm a member and would encourage any and all to join as well.

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