27 September, 2010

Politicians - showing them the love/hate

Politicians, from the root Politics - Poly - meaning many and tic meaning blood sucking parasite.  I still chuckle at Dave Berry's definition.  With that in mind, those who seek political office are courting us for our tick (heh, totally unintentional) next to their name come November.  The Democritters are running scared, as it looks like they are going to have their heads handed to them on a platter.  The Rethuglicans are biting their nose despite their face and not kaboshing incumbents who won't take their ball and go home after getting trounced in primary races earlier this year.  Summing up a lot of people's thought on this election are these gems from here.

Again: Just because I'll probably vote for you, doesn't mean I like you.

And just because I don't like you it doesn't mean I like the other guys. 

Another: Nor does it mean I will continue to vote for you.

Even the one or two candidates that spout pretty words and MIGHT actually have a shred of integrity in their souls I wouldn't invite into my home.  I'd have to decontaminate the entire place afterwards. 


Old NFO said...

I'm NOT voting for ANY incumbent... we sure as hell can't do any worse!

TotC said...

We sure can't