09 September, 2010

National Sovereignty stands in the way of the UN

This last Sunday & Monday, Ban Ki Moon and sixty of his top lieutenants met in Austria for the Secretary General's retreat. Among the topics discussed was re-instituting the failed climate change agenda. Among the reasons to blame for the failed Copenhagen summit was national sovereignty. A position paper even spells it out.

National sovereignty — meaning the refusal of major powers like India, China and the United States to go along with sweeping global agendas — was specifically indicted for the failure of the much ballyhooed Copenhagen summit on climate change. “National sovereignty remains supreme,”

Ahh, isn't that just too damn bad? A national government knows better how it wants to govern than what the UN does.

I've skimmed over the paper and will have more on it as soon as I can read it in depth. The one thing I took away from my skimming is that this is a long term goal. Subtle machinations will be in play to bring about the eventual fall of those countries too weak or unstable to resist such meddling. Be vigilant.

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