30 September, 2010

Monster Hunter Vendetta - A Review

Larry Correia's Monster Hunter Vendetta has been released to the public and I picked up my copy this last Sunday. If you don't know about Larry Correia, he is an accountant with a thing for B grade horror movies and guns.  This shows through in his writing.  For accurate firearms information in a story, Larry gets it right. 

I always love reading the books in the beginning of an author's career. It allows one to chart the progress of how an author develops, and from what I read in Monster Hunter Vendetta, Mr. Correia is maturing quite nicely as an author.The book flows quite nicely without any kind of scenes that slow the plot down. Even when introducing new characters or information about a character, the author makes it so the action moves right along.

Mr, Correia is not afraid to turn accepted fantasy norms on their ear, as witnessed by the trailer park elves introduced in Monster Hunter International. In Vendetta, he has taken a cherished part of fantasy and twisted them in such a way that leaves the reader chuckling. Also, the enigmatic Agent Franks of the Monster Control Bureau is a twist on a famous literary and movie monster. 

I do believe that Larry Correia has written a book, that will satisfy the action palette of the reader.  Especially those that are looking for a fun fall read coming into Halloween season.

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