17 February, 2010

Pot? No it's not

It seems that science is building a better mousetrap. Cops say that the imitation pot is as bad as the real thing. But here's the money quote from the article.

"A 10-year-old child could walk into a head shop and buy it," said West Plains Detective Shawn Rhoads. "It's not a tobacco, it's not regulated by anything. It would be like sending my 10-year-old son into Wal-Mart to buy potpourri."

Really? A ten year old walking into a head shop and buying this stuff? And since when, Detective Rhoads is potpourri a controlled substance? I guess your son has raided mom's panties drawer to sneak off with the rose petals so he and his friends can smoke a bud?

h/t to RNS

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