03 October, 2009

Missouri Firearms owners are considered second class citizens

The Missouri Supreme court is hearing an appeal from the state that a 2008 ruling by a Mississippi county judge overturned a 2006 ruling that bans possession of a firearm while intoxicated. Granted the man had taken two different drugs and was threatening to kill himself ormake the police kill him if his wife didn't come back. The story is here. The law is being argued as too broad and a person taking a prescribed medication could be prosecuted. However, and the point of this post is this most telling statement from Assistant Attorney General Karen Kramer;

Kramer said gun rights should not be prioritized as highly as First Amendment protections.

I am calling you out as a bigot Ms. Kramer. I am not some second class citizen because I own firearms. You should do this publicly and apologize to all Missouri citizens in degrading our rights. I look forward to reading it.

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