18 October, 2009

18 October Range Report

Going to two different ranges twice in one day will definitely wear you out. I started breaking in the new P-07 and man talk about a trigger that stacks. It stacks like that too tall pile of books you have been meaning to read. I also bought some slugs for the Remington 870 and tried out a couple of those too. The hole they make in cardboard is a sight to behold. And my Ruger10/22 just continues to impress me. I love, and I mean love this gun. I shoot decommissioned fire extinguishers that are unpressurized. Whenever you hit that aluminum, the most satisfying tink reports back, letting you know you've hit the target. I ^&*$&*#$ v left the camera at home and boy I wish I hadn't. Next week, it's Dirty Harry time, as my buddy Bob has bought a .44 Special reloading die set. Go ahead punk, make my day!


Taupe of the Chain said...

No range pics, WTF.

Maybe your P07 will loosed up over time and become as nice a trigger pull as my SR9, probably not.

Top of the Chain said...

Yeah. well, someone has a camera phone and could have taken pics, but did they?