14 October, 2009

Fighting Back within our political system

As a new kid on the block to the whole gun rights issue, I was naive to think we were all one happy family all wanting the government to leave us alone and give us broad 2nd Amendment rights. Boy was I wrong. At one end of the scale, you have the so called threepers, who feel that we are past the point of no return and they're just waiting for the ATF to come a knockin'. 180 degrees from the threepers are the pragmatists. They want to slowly work towards gaining our rights back. Don't rock the boat, small steps, etc. In the middle you have the vast majority of gun owners who either don't care enough or don't wish to associate themselves with either end of the spectrum. Working within the middle of group is where efforts should be focused.

In any organization 20% of the people do 80% of the work. The problem might be that as people who favor individualism, gun owners shy away from a leadership position. I am going to ask my readers and fellow bloggers to step up and do two things. Find one issue at a local or state level that you can actively work on. Whether it's open carry, tort reform, fiscal accountability, whatever, just find an issue. Two, be part of that 20% that does 80% of the work. Find four other people who'll give you moral or physical support. They can be the other 80% that do the remaining 80% of the work.

Don't let fringes tell you what is good for you or what to do, find your own way.

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