07 April, 2011

Please just don't

It's great when people are excited about the Second Amendment and wishing to share it with others.
However, when someone expresses their non interest in it, don't be THAT guy. It seems the Wild Bill Hickok wannabe had a most negligent discharge and the chunk of lead ended up in the ladies collapsed lung.

The woman said she told Harp she did not like guns and did not want to see it. She said Harp began spinning the gun on his finger and it discharged.

You don't win hearts and minds by being a dumbass. And you get what you deserve when you break three of the four rules.


Old NFO said...

Dumbass is right!!! Sigh...

Brigid said...

You get what you deserve, and someone else usually gets what they did not.

When can they bring back flogging for such folks?