13 April, 2011

Thanks for being on our side there Joe

So Indiana is wishing to preempt local gun laws and make them uniform throughout the state.  And of course, the local hishineyass grand poobah mayor thinks it's a bad idea. 

“My issue with 292, where we have an ordinance that says you can't shoot a gun in the city limits, that would override that," Kauffman said. “This is a local home rule issue too, you know. What rights do cities have to determine what they are going to allow guns to be shot for?”

On the other side is Joe Dervin, NRA member and probable FUDD.

“I agree with the bill, because it limits local governments from setting up their own rules and regulations that most gun owners are unaware of,” he said. 

However, Dervin states that he wishes their was mandatory training before owning a handgun.

Dervin would also like to see a rider added to the proposed bill that would require safety training before a person can own a handgun. 

'Scuse me?  Um, no thanks for your support there Joe.  Now go to the nearest range and practice up with your .357 lever action to take Bambi this fall. 

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel that the greatest threat doesn't come from the likes of the CSGV, the Brady Bunch and their ilk, but rather, misguided fools supposedly on our side?

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Old NFO said...

Misguided fools is right... sigh...