30 November, 2010

Poll numbers for gun control show a downward decline in favor of stricter controls

A recent Rasmussen poll shows only 39% of Americans favor stricter gun control. 

50% are opposed to stricter control and 87% of Republicans, 52% OF Democrats, and 11% unaffiliated say cities  do not have a right to ban gun ownership.

71% say that Americans continue to believe that the Constition guarantees the right of an average citizen to own a gun.

Also a recently release Gallup poll shows a steady downward decline of favoring gun control.

In all U.S. adults an eighteen percent decrease was noted between 2000 and 2009, from 62% to 44%.

By region, the East, South and Midwest show 17% less people surveyed favor stricter laws.   The West drops a further three points with 20%. 

Overall, America seems to be learning and understanding gun ownership is not some dark path to criminal intent.  On the contrary, with gun ownership on the rise, and crime rates holding steady, it could be concluded that same said ownership is a deterrent.

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