24 November, 2010

A whole lotta Magic Bus

 This was sitting out back of work when I came back from lunch yesterday.  My boss was not very pleased, and immediately called the police.  Apparently, my co worker talked to the driver and said it could sit there for up to 2 weeks.  My boss didn't think so. 

In looking over this hippie bus, the paint job is brushed on and consists of a gold roof and three shades of pastel, I could forgive. But, in looking at the rear window, I found this.

That's right, it's Justin Bieber.  That right there offends my sense of the aesthetic.  Something in 20 mm should do right nicely in removing the offensive collage, don't you think? 


Old NFO said...

I'd start looking to see what's missing... Just sayin...

TotC said...

The owner showed up today, and after talking it over with the property manager, a sign appeared in the window, that it would be moved, and to please not tow it. Apparently, it had been parked in the owner's father inlaws subdivision, and the homeowners there, felt it was quite the eyesore also.