03 November, 2010

An Open Letter to all the Senators and Congressmen elect

This is addressed to those people who your constituents deemed the most pallatable of two or more bad choices.

First off, congratulations are not in order. You frankly don't deserve them. We haven't seen what you're going to do to roll back big government. We haven't seen what you're going to do to roll back all of these damnable taxes that we are sick and tired of paying. Start with those, and you MIGHT begin to earn my grudging respect.

Second, and this is addressed to Senators exclusively. You are a choice I, nor any other voter should be making. Had I my druthers, you'd be appointed by your respective state houses and the 17th amendment would be repealed.

Third, for those politicians who have held multiple offices throughout a political career, you are the worst of them all. You somehow feel that when your colleague retires, his seat should become yours. Along with this, if you've held any office more than two terms, I will cast my next ballot to vote you out of that office.

Fourth, the next time you decide not to listen to the people, we might just decide to skip the ballot box and go straight for the jury box. As your peer Phil Hare found out, We The People do care about The Constitution and what it says and what the founders intended it to be. It does not live, it does not evolve. It is timeless and a foundation of bedrock that you damn well better use in deciding if that legislation you're supporting is consistent with it's content.

The tone of this letter has been deliberately belligerent. Why, you may ask. Because the gloves have come off. You don't deserve, nor have your earned our respect. You better work for it. 2012 is not that far off.

Reluctant regards,

Top of the Chain

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Taupe of the Chain said...

Sounds like someone is having a big case of sour grapes.

Just because the Libertarians did not sweep the elections no need to be a sour puss.