07 November, 2009

On the Ft. Hood Murders

What happened this last week in Texas at the Ft. Hood Army base is truly a tragedy. Major Hassan shot and killed thirteen people and wounded many more. He did this on a military base with a privately owned weapon. It is said that he calmly walked around and shot to kill those that were already wounded. He even stopped to reload. Finally a civilian contractor, one Kim Munley while taking fire that caused injuries to her, shot the alleged gunman. She stopped him. Isn't it ironic that the very people the gun control groups wish to arm semi-exclusively had to rely on a civilian LEO contractor? On the surface, this was a natural born American citizen who had no desire to be deployed. He had wrote about his dissatisfaction many times on the internet with the way the war in Afghanistand and Iraq is going. He argued with the very soldiers he was being sent to treat. I am calling upon our military to step up and defend the cause of liberty for soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines alike and arm them even while stateside. The next time it might be a more determined foe.

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