28 November, 2009

G.O. against B.I.G.G.

Sure, you have the NRA, the GOA, the SAF and various state and regional organizations. I am not announcing a non organized grass roots level assemblage of like minded individuals. It's simple, the acronym stands for




There will be no dues, no formal meetings, no officers, no formal structure in place. We won't keep a roll of who's a member.

To not join, don't simply affirm to yourself that you are not a gun owner, and that you won't fight for your rights.

As there are no rules, a couple of suggestions if this were an organization.

Heap scorn on anyone who actively opposes gun ownership by private citizens

Introduce new people to shooting.

That is all you have to do, if it were true. But it's not, so don't do anything.

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