27 November, 2009

MAIG beating the horse to death... Again.

You have the MAIG, the VPC, the Joyce foundation, the SPLC, The Brady Bunch. All of these organizations whose mission is to curtail the rights of the armed individual. They would have you and me turned into subjects. Our rights would be turned into privileges subject to the whims of a bureaucrat as to whether or not we can exercise those rights.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg in response to the Fort Hood Shooting had this to say. "... that if the federal law requiring the FBI to purge the NICS system of records of approved gun purchasers had not been in place, the FBI would have known that Hasan had bought a gun and changed its judgment about him."

Really? Apparently the (dis)honorable Mr. Bloomberg should read about due process and all those other inconvenient protections we enjoy... for now. And the AG, Eric Holder agrees that curtailing these rights is ok with the Obama administration. I don't take for a minute that either of these two leaders are dumb. They know exactly what they are doing. Don't let them get away with it.

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